Many years are needed to become mastered in own industry.
LoggerMTS has been working in the transport services market for over 18 years. The company was established in 1999 in Racibórz. We began with one vehicle of the “bus” type as “Small Road Transport” - MTS. We specialized mainly in delivery of urgent cargo for production lines of various companies working in the automotive industry.

Thanks to gained experience as well as demand on our services, we have been developing and investing in our fleet and brand more and more by the year.

Why us?

Thanks to a vast array of experiences, modern fleet and qualified staff, we are able to deliver your goods within previously determined time limit safely. We specialize in the carriage of cargo for the automotive industry, so we have trailers adjusted to the carriage of this kind of cargo at our disposal.
Every single day our drivers deliver our clients’ products, reaching every corner of Europe with their goods.



Fleet of our vehicles.

Modern trucks.

Most of our vehicles are DAF and Mercedes trucks serviced in authorised stations,
thus you can be sure that your cargo will reach its destination without breakdown on time.


Adjusted trailers.

We have at our disposal a set of trailers of the MEGA type.


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